Go Green – A Step Forward

Going green at the workplace has not only evident benefits like reduction in waste and cost cutting, but it can also have a positive impact on employees’ health, productivity and our attitude towards environment.

It’s also very significant to know that your effort in maintaining eco-friendly business practices is a social responsibility as well.


Studies show that green businesses enjoy:

  • 15% reduction in paper consumption and costs
  • 20% reduction in water consumption and costs
  • 30% reduction in energy consumption and costs

Some examples

Wal-Mart – After incorporating “Go Green” initiatives, including recycling and enhancing transportation, they actually recorded a 20% augmented sales!

Dell – Through its “no computer should go to waste” recycling program, Dell welcomes its customers to return any Dell-branded product back to the company for free. Not only this, it has even gone ahead and created programs that accept computers, or printers from other companies for safe disposal.

Continental Airlines It has spent more than $16 billion to replace its entire fleet of airplanes with fuel-efficient ones. It also may be the only organization with 12 full-time “staff environmentalists”.


Like-mindedness – Companies that stress on being environment friendly can gain like-minded consumers and also employees. Make it a part of your marketing campaign.

Healthy workplaces – Organizations that promote a healthier workplace have recorded a 20% reduction in the number of sick leaves. This results in increased productivity.

Reduced utility costs – Actions like turning off unwanted lights at workplace is guaranteed to reduce your energy consumption, printing less paper or on both sides of the paper is guaranteed to cut down on your paper consumption.

Tax benefits – Another crucial advantage is that tax credits are available for brands that implement environment friendly business practices, like switching to solar power, and using battery-operated automobiles.

Sustainability – The biggest aim is to preserve natural resources by using those that are sustainable, or by taking steps to reduce the amount of resources consumed.

Competitive advantage – Today there are many awards given to brands for their green efforts. Such recognition attracts new customers and boosts customer retention.


The pace at which we are consuming the world’s resources, by polluting and fuelling global warming, very soon we would be left with nothing but a world beyond repair.

Every single thing we do everyday has an impact on our planet – good or bad. We must think and start now!


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