Employees’ Day Out!

In a world of email, video conferencing and Skype meetings, there is surely a particular need for offsite meetings, where teams can bond in person without interruptions or other official distractions. Business meetings held outside the office can be great motivational tools. Separated from the routine office hustle-bustle, it’s a new and popular way to encourage your team into generating new ideas and come back with renewed energy.

That is to say, if processed efficiently and with the right preparation, a successful offsite meeting can change any team’s dynamics for the better.


There is a widespread misconception that offsite meetings can be more profligate but when you look at the benefits, it can be completely worthwhile. Such meetings can really stir up things and revitalize your employees. Let’s look at some of the advantages:

CONNECTING PEOPLE: One of the most crucial benefits is that offsite meetings provide an opportunity to connect in a different way. While in office, every employee has his or her own responsibilities and schedule; so it’s difficult to come together and sometimes the goal is not achieved in a meeting room. But it may be different while you are sitting in front of a bonfire or around the pool.

MORALE BOOSTER: A new location, new experience, entertaining team building activities – there’s no doubt that offsite meetings can turn out to be great morale boosters.

INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY: When employees are offsite, they are free from the everyday pressure and distractions that is there in their usual office setting. This helps them devote their time and focus entirely on their current tasks.

IMPROVED CREATIVITY: Being in a new place helps your employees break out of their routine ambience and be creative. Chances are that your employees will come up with good strategic ideas.

REMEMBER THE “FUN” PART: Don’t forget to have fun just because this is a business meeting. You can simultaneously plan a tennis match, play golf or indulge in some unique team-building activity like cooking together.


DON’T PLAN TOO MUCH: Assuming that everything will take longer than expected, don’t attempt to squeeze in everything.

DON’T INVOLVE IRRELEVANT PEOPLE: For offsite meetings, there always comes the issue of inclusion. Avoid involving unrelated people but don’t forget the vital members.

DON’T FORGET THE PURPOSE: Don’t get carried away by the fun element. Remember the purpose of this gathering.

A POST SURVEY: Always do a post meeting survey. It’s crucial to know what the teams liked and what went wrong.

Mull over the above points if you haven’t already tried an offsite meeting. Keeping in mind the increasing work stress, such meetings can really prove to be valuable for energizing and reconnecting. After all, nothing boosts creativity like a fresh and different ambience.


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