Meetings. Not really the most popular workplace activity. Are they? The weekly meeting, the review meeting and many such meetings are all perceived as either boring or something that simply keeps people from doing the real work.

If we really want fun and participating meetings we need to go beyond the standard practices.

Here are some ways to do it

  1. Games
    You can start every meeting with a quick game or a brain teaser to set the tone.
  2. What’s the funniest thing?
    Ask the attendees to write down the funniest thing that happened to them since the last meeting.
  3. Get rid of the chairs
    How about getting the chairs out of the room? Have a stand up meeting or get bean bags or sofas for some informal lounge-like ambience.
  4. Bring Emoticons
    Distribute pictures of various emoticons and ask the attendees to use them to show how they feel about a particular point or decision.
  5. Celebrate Success
    When the particular group of attendees has something to celebrate, like a target achievement or a promotion, celebrate it during the meeting. This serves as a great motivational gesture.
  6. Participation incentives
    You can arrange for fun stickers and give out to everyone who participates. The person with maximum stickers is the winner of a free meal or a t-shirt.
  7. Fun punishment
    Punishment can be fun too! For e.g., if an attendee is late, he or she will have to sing or reveal an embarrassing secret.
  8. Walk the meeting
    If the meeting has few attendees, you can take the meeting for a walk. It is energizing and has its own health benefits.
  9. Food
    Have a brainstorming session over some yummy pizza! This kind of atmosphere not only helps in building team rapport but also connects the team members on a different level.
  10. How was it?
    Before ending the meeting, ask the attendees to write down in 5 or fewer words about how the meeting was. This way you can end the meeting on a fun note.


The amount of time spent in meetings is continually on the rise. It’s upon us whether we want to make it fun-filled and engaging or by wishing that we could be at our desks doing some genuine work.

What about you? Are you ready to adopt these unusual methods to make your meetings more enjoyable?


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