To do or How to do?

Between work, working out, spending time with family and friends, and other daily responsibilities, achieving our goals and meeting deadlines can be quite a struggle.

That’s where to-do lists come to our rescue. An effective to-do list makes you feel more organized and you have clarity on what you need to get done.

Some tips to create a simple yet functional to-do list:

1) Keep it simple – Don’t create a lengthy list as it is humanly impossible to achieve that much during the working hours.

2) Go digital – It’s not always necessary to have a to-do list on paper. Today, there are a huge range of digital apps, which can help.

3) Time every item – Time each and every item on your list to avoid time wastage.

4) Set priority – Try to prioritize your tasks into categories like ‘important and urgent’, ‘not urgent but important’, ‘not important but urgent’ and finally ‘not important or urgent’.

5) Determine the energy involved – Categorize the jobs as per the effort required. Try to finish the cumbersome ones in the morning when you feel the most active.

6) Additional info – Add any extra info that may be required to complete a task. For e.g. if a task needs calling someone, then write down the number below the task; it will save time.

7) Flexibility – Keep some “cushion” time in between the items. This way you won’t get stressed and things will be under control.

8) Reminder – Put on view the list at a prominent place. This will keep you reminded about it.

9) Review – Keep reviewing and editing the list so that you feel lighter when you see the accomplished tasks.

10) A fresh one everyday – Don’t keep adding the previous day’s items; make a fresh one everyday to avoid clogging up.

Thus, your to-do list can be your biggest advantage or burden. All depends on you how you categorize!


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