Go Green – A Step Forward

Going green at the workplace has not only evident benefits like reduction in waste and cost cutting, but it can also have a positive impact on employees’ health, productivity and our attitude towards environment. It’s also very significant to know that your effort in maintaining eco-friendly business practices is a social responsibility as well. SO […]

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Employees’ Day Out!

In a world of email, video conferencing and Skype meetings, there is surely a particular need for offsite meetings, where teams can bond in person without interruptions or other official distractions. Business meetings held outside the office can be great motivational tools. Separated from the routine office hustle-bustle, it’s a new and popular way to […]

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Meetings. Not really the most popular workplace activity. Are they? The weekly meeting, the review meeting and many such meetings are all perceived as either boring or something that simply keeps people from doing the real work. If we really want fun and participating meetings we need to go beyond the standard practices. Here are some […]

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Saving Electricity Simplified!

How often have you taken out time to consider the question, “Why is it important to conserve electricity?” Don’t you think that a few steps from all of us can help in the reduction in energy bills, lessening carbon pollution and conserving energy? The thought of saving electricity is entirely different when it comes to […]

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To do or How to do?

Between work, working out, spending time with family and friends, and other daily responsibilities, achieving our goals and meeting deadlines can be quite a struggle. That’s where to-do lists come to our rescue. An effective to-do list makes you feel more organized and you have clarity on what you need to get done. Some tips to […]

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